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How much does Lyft cost?
If your wondering how much Lyft costs let's look at some estimates.  There are a number of Lyft's to choose from including Lyft Line, Lyft, Lyft Plus, even Lyft Premier.
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How much does Lyft cost? Breaking down the cost of a Lyft ride
Lyft calculates your fare using these criteria:

Base Charge – A flat amount charged when you begin the ride
Cost per mile – How much you’re charged each mile of the ride
Cost per minute – How much you’re charged for each minute you’re inside the ride
Service Fee – A flat fee charged for each ride. All of this goes to Lyft, not the driver
Other Fees – Airport fees if you get picked up at an airport, toll charges if you use a toll road during your ride
How much does Lyft cost?
How much does Lyft cost in Los Angeles?
Lyft Driver Salary
Lyft driver makes over $500 working an 8 hour day check out the popular YouTube video where driver Paulie from New York makes over $500 working New Year's in San Diego.  Paulie picked Lyft over Uber because they were offering a $75 per hour hourly guarantee pay.  Lyft had blazing PrimeTime's up to 700% Paulie said on his popular Lyft driver YouTube Channel. So although Lyft is usually very cheap sometimes prices go up during popular times.  PrimeTime is an example of Lyft going up in price. So Lyft is usually around $1.00 per mile and $0.15 cents a minute something like that but when PrimTime hits prices go up past that and can even be as high as 700 percent.
Before understanding how much Lyft costs it's good to understand what 
PrimeTime is first. Or at least we think so. From time to time the rate goes up and riders must pay a premium rate.
Let's take a look and see what Lyft costs in Honolulu.
How much does Lyft Cost
Lyft Plus does cost a little more so let's take a look and see what a Lyft Plus vehicle would cost in Honolulu.
Lyft Plus Price
So please keep in mind that these prices do fluctuate slightly and are a little different for each city.  But the primary thing to know is that Lyft is affordable and if you pick Lyft Line there is an extra associated discount.  Paulie recommends picking Lyft Line so that you get the best fare and save your income.

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