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Lyft Hourly Wages
From time to time Lyft offers hourly wages to driver's in different cities.  The highest we have seen is $75 per hour on NYE of 2016 in San Diego.

The process usually works like this: You receive an email at Friday 5pm which asks you if you want to opt in for the next week. The spots available are usually limited so it is best to opt in as soon as possible.  Once your accepted you will see a message saying thanks for opting in.  If your too late you will also see the appropriate message.
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How to qualify?

Step 1: Opt-in
Step 2: Complete the weekly requirement for each hour.

You need to complete the ride requirement for each area. In San Diego there is a zone and you need to compete one ride in the zone per hour or 2 outside the zone to qualify for that hours hourly guarantee.  For example if you complete zero rides you will not be able to qualify for that hour.  Each city varies and also all are constantly changing so it is very hard to predict what your requirement is.  Refer to your email to see what the requirement is to qualify.

Step 3. Get paid.

Refer to your weekly earnings and see that you were paid for the hours you worked if you met the ride requirement for those hours.
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